Monday, February 20, 2012

Khloe and Lamar

Faced Lamar and Khloe, Malika and Khloe a turning point in their friendship, while Rob and Jimmy mast during Lamar's attention.
The Khloe and her assistant Malika Caliph since she was 15Malikarecently found it difficult to work for her friend in some cases, whenmore than on the needs of Khloe always her own. Outside of being the Assistant Khloe, Malika and is an actress in search of work.When it gets to the test, it is incompatible with the operation to servean important need for Khloe. Malika is trying to do both, but it missesthe test.
It has become Lamar's brother Rob was not, and Rob feels rivalrywith Jimmy, a friend of Lamar better in childhood. Whenever Rob and hang LamarJimmy 1 shows the counties. When this happens, theyact like children compete to attract the attention of their fatherThiscomes to a head when Jimmy has the girl meet him in the corridor.Khloe has a rule about not allowing women randomly in the house oras you say "All these little whores waiting at the gate."

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