Sunday, February 19, 2012

Himesh reshammiya

Himesh played the role of a singer who falls in love with a dancer bar, both of the characters in the film, the discovery of true love for each other. Pooja Bhatt claims that the film was in fact a copy of the famous film of the 1990s entitled Sadiq (1991). And presented by her father Mahesh Bhatt and starred Sanjay Dutt and the same which in turn was a remake of the famous taxi driver in Hollywood film(1976) starring Robert De Niro.
Himesh character falls in love with a dancer in a bar in Morocco, played by Mona LaizzaIt disappears suddenly in mysterious circumstances and then determine Himesh on a quest to find herHe said he had raised her to an area called the Hira Mandi in Pakistanwhich is famous as a red-light district in Lahore. Analysts called it the story of a singer who is trying to escape from his past, the prostitutewho is trying to escape to the future.

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