Monday, November 14, 2011

Michael J. Fox

Born Michael Andrew Fox in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on June 9, 1961. , The second son of William and Phyllis Fox and the fourth child out of five children they have. The Fox and the two older sisters, Jackie and Karen Fox, an older brother, Stephen Fox, and a younger sister, Kelly Fox. His father worked as a specialist in the decoding and the Royal Canadian Army Signal Corps, which means that as a young boy, Michael J Fox moved around often in Canada before settling in Vancouver, British Columbia. A young man at the age of 21, found Michael J Fox acting roles that will change his life forever. First role was Alex P Keaton from the popular American sitcom, and family ties. Marty McFly and the second of the film, its best, back to the future. These roles have caused people to notice Michael J Fox and fall immediately in love with his style of acting. Because of his fans, and Michael J Fox live the life he always dreamed of. The adults wanted to be; a famous person, and I love, and the symbol of respect. Michael J Fox lived happily in Los Angeles with his wife Tracy Pollan, Michael and his son Samuel Fox. Michael J. Fox, you may not get any better life for him, until that sad day when no longer able to keep up to date. On the morning of November 13, 1990, woke Michael J Fox in the motel in Gainesville, Florida to find a message in his left hand. Smaller his finger can not stop moving. Grew that he was worried because he could not control the movement or make it stop, but he ignored these warning signs. In the end, the appointments for further tests with a neurologist in August 1991, Fox said that the doctors that Parkinson's disease. Every time Michael J Fox knew the world once, and the lives of the stars in Hollywood, he was sliding right between his fingers trembling.

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