Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cure Cancer - Alternative Medicine

Human beings, in their relentless pursuit of a long life is over and again with a major obstacle that neither science nor technology can decipher. We talk about terminal illness, that through traditional medicine can only be treated and can not always be overcome, bringing death and destruction to those who suffer and mourn their relatives.

At this point the man in his instinct for survival and death struggle against opts for what is known as alternative medicine.

The Botanical Panama, Diomedes UreƱa, study of medicinal plants and the vast expeiencia in this branch, makes a mixture with various medicinal plants in order to create a treatment for the eradication of cancer, treatment was implemented with himself, with the hope of saving his own life, being true test of its effectiveness and now enjoys good health and help others who suffer from Alzheimer's or any other disease.

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