Friday, July 1, 2011

olivia wilde

"The 27-year-old "you can see: the heritage of" The papers presented represented in Los Angeles Superior Court last week, citing irreconcilable differences with her husband for eight years." A representative of Olivia already confirmed they had split from documentary filmmaker Jintao last month. The pair had together since she was 18 years old, to escape after only six months after they met. was to be Olivia and Olivia got married really young. "She did a lot of growth since then, as it will be. Someone has just grown in different directions. "We separated for a period of time. I went and saw her career as his marriage is not a lot of fun. Feel it missed out on being one to marry young, and wants to plant her wild oats. And Olivia were married in an abandoned school bus in rural Virginia with only two witnesses to attend the ceremony Tao the son of Italian aristocrat. "A source close to him "It is sad and really wanted to stay together." Since their separation was monitored with Olivia 'Blue Valentine' star Ryan Gosling.


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