Saturday, July 2, 2011

Justin Bieber started rumor about the title of his new album

A rare occasion when these celebrities start rumors about themselves. But Justin Bieber did just that with a message sent through Twitter that initially seemed innocent.

The rumor is about her new album, which still do not know many details.

However, the uproar was not the fact that he thinks this is his best work to date but the hashtag you used. Justin who loves the positive messages that use the word "believe" as the hash tag. This started a frenzy that her new album will be called so, which Justin has neither confirmed nor denied.

This is just a rumor that was started by a simple and easy hash tag. We do not believe that was the intention of Justin but we can not say that it is not. He loves to send messages of hope to their fans. We'll have to wait to hear it.

I think it's just a mistake on the part of Justin, but seeing the furor it caused was perhaps a fortunate mistake and this has given you an idea that otherwise would not have come.

This is what he wrote, "the next album will be the best yet." # BELIEVE

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