Monday, June 13, 2011

The cancer cure, not just a dream but a reality

He explained that the detection of polyps and tumors can be removed by simple methods, also by endoscopy, achieving a cure. Said one of his patients was the athlete Seró Leon, "who healed of cancer. We went for another reason, an absence that still regret. But we had colon cancer cure. "
He noted that in cases where the person has a family history, the controls 40 years ahead and, if they had had a polyp or tumor, the test is repeated at 5 years. "But today no one should die of cancer," observed the health professional. To add that in this case are appropriate recommendations on healthy eating with fruits and vegetables and physical activity, and improving the quality of life and strengthen the immune system. "We do not yet know the origin of cancer, but if there are factors that favor its development and use of snuff, alcohol, foods with many meats, salty," he added.

The need to take preventive exams that are currently available for people with and without social
men and women over 50 should have a videocolonscopía to prevent this type of cancer like breast female priest also took time.

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