Thursday, May 19, 2011

Some facts about breast cancer - Care

Is the leading cause of cancer death among women worldwide, although the breast cancer care is possible. Considering the two sexes, this type of tumor only exceeded by lung and stomach. Mortality is higher in developed countries.

- is the leading cause of female cancer deaths.
- New cases diagnosed each year: about 16,000.
- Age with the highest number of cases diagnosed, between 45 and 65.
- Stories that heal: between 60 and 70%.
- Cases of deaths per year (Women): about 6000 women
- Age of death from this cause at 65 years.

Geographically, the communities that have a high mortality rate are Gran Canaria and Catalonia, while Navarre and Galicia are the communities with the lowest number of deaths.

By countries, the incidence rates of cervical cancer vary greatly from each other. Thus, annual incidence rates are highest in the North America and some Northern European countries. While the countries of Africa and Asia present the annual incidence rates lower.

Breast cancer care is something possible, and for the early detection of this disease .. carefully.

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