Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Noni can cure AIDS or cancer?

And if this is possible, as given? to dose?

- First, cancer cells are cells that are "rebels"in our own body.

NONI Juice has more than dicersas reapradoras substances are substances excited and nervous system energy.

As acts in some cases?

Well, what it does is lift the mood of people, this makes it possible for people to feel they can improve, in fact, in patients with cancer is necessary for the esteem of the person is high, to help his recovery.


For so rises the body immune suistema, this makes the cells are attacked by nuetra own defense system.

But noni juice is not a product that will cure cancer, people feel better, suffer fewer attacks of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, but it really does not heal.

Among the substances they contain are the guarana, which is a success of the nervous system, vascular stents, naradrenalina, caffeine, among others.

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