Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cancer Cure - Blocked by drug companies?

Researchers at the University of Alberta have managed to cure the cancer using a drug called dichloroacetate, however, as this substance does not require a patent and is cheap compared with drugs used to fight cancer by large pharmaceutical companies, this research has not received is doing much support or media attention.

Dr. Evangelos Michelakis, a professor at the University of Alberta, tested dichloroacetate in human cells and noted that kills cancer cells in the lungs, brain and chest, leaving healthy cells alone. In rats with severe their cells shrank tumors when fed with water with it.

Dichloroacetate triggers an action in the mitochondria to that end naturally with cancer cells (traditionally focuses on glycolysis for combat).

Dr Michelakis expressed concern not find funding for clinical trials because they do not represent dichloroacetate strong profits for private investors to not be patented.

This fits exactly with what he said the Nobel Prize in Medicine Richard J. Roberts in an interview about how the drugs that cure is not profitable and therefore are not developed by the pharmaceutical companies themselves instead to be chronic, developing medicines consumed in serialized form.

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