Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cancer cure attributed to John Paul II

At least one person cured of cancer and one had conceived after years of medical treatment without results thanks to the intercession of Pope John Paul II. These are two of five favored queretanos miracles attributed to Pope died in 2005 and this Sunday will be beatified in Rome.

This was announced by Father Juan Manuel Pérez Romero, rector of the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe (The Congregation), who urged the congregation a couple of months to take testimony of miracles through prayer to Karol Wojtyla.

In an interview, the priest said that "cures are five different types, the memory I remember is a cure for cancer from a woman who was referring to Pope John Paul II was dead. "

Another cure, he added, "was when the pope was alive, a woman could not have children was spent waiting for the Pope to see it in one of his visits to Mexico ... he passed John Paul blessed everyone in general but This lady felt that this blessing came up to her in particular, and had her baby after the blessing had years after getting medical treatment and could not conceive. "

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