Wednesday, May 18, 2011

As a cure for cancer - Is there any way?

As for that there are drugs that fight, do not promise to cure in all cases but in many if this chemotherapy, radiation therapy, cancer removal, etc. 're good to go to a doctor and that tells you the best treatment, because there are types of cancer and treatment for each type of cancer, also depends on the location.

- I know people who were cured of cancer, consuming nutritional supplements, I hope the doctors know how to overcome these diseases without surgery and without chemotherapy.

- Depends on the type of cancer and its scope.
For example, the skin can be cured completely in its first stage with a minor surgery, but if it spreads is more complicated bastane.

The problem is that cancer does not commonly visible symptoms (ie, without medical examination) until it is advanced (the skin is the only one I know has symptoms from the beginning (for that is the most preventable and attack.)

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