Monday, October 12, 2009

Women New Hair

Straight hair will shine more that curly or wavy hair because of light reflection. For maximum shine apply straightening balm before blow drying for super sleek looks. When you are blow drying use a nozzle attachment to direct the airflow down the hair from root to tip. This helps to flatten the cuticle scales and add shine. If you have course or frizzy hair, use a big, round thermo brush that has a metal barrel that heats up during the drying process. This heat is then used to style your hair, just like straighteners would

There are wide range of creams, serums and sprays available to add instant shine. Gloss is great for this. Smooth or scrunch it into the hair to tame flyaway ends and give a fantastic sheen to your hair. Rejuvenate curls by twisting them around your finger. Rub a small amount of curl definer onto your fingers and mold the curl by winding the hair around your finger. This eliminates frizz, reshapes the curl and adds shine. Always rinse hair your with clean running water to banish shampoo and conditioner from the hair as remaining deposits will make the hair dull

Teen Hair Styles

When children reach their teenage years they start to get a sense of their own style, and may no longer be happy with the haircuts and styles that parents choose. It is usually somewhat of a compromise between the parents and the teen to decide what cut and style is best.

One way to avoid any confusion or arguing is to collect pictures of the cuts both the parents and the teenagers like. See if there is any common ground, or if there is a similar style that is chosen by both. If this happens, the next step is to go to a stylish

hair stylist

Find a reputable hair stylist who is not afraid to take you into a totally new look and . . . you’ll get noticed..

We’ve been seeing more of Katie Holmes lately after she followed in the steps of BFF, Victoria Beckham, and cut off a substantial amount of her hair. I like it! It was a bold move and this hairstyle suits her well. The change fits her new Mom lifestyle, no doubt easier to maintain and it has both a very sweet and alluring look to it

Mediam Heair Styles

Some of the great hairstyles for round face include medium wavy and curly hairstyles, long straight hairstyles with bangs, short layered hairstyles, chin length bob and many other long hairstyles. While going for short hairstyles for round faces, one things must be kept in mind that neck portion appears longer. Vast varieties of short hairstyles of Hollywood’s leading ladies of the likes Katie Holmes and Michelle Williams can provide the best inspirations for women wanting to have great new-look hairstyles for their round faces

Short Hair Styles

I guess it’s blog-worthy news, on this site at least, when the woman with the most famous sought after hair style since the “Farrah Fawcet,” decides to break it off with her long standing relationship with her hairdresser. Whew . . . that’s a BIG break-up . . . dare I say bigger than recent split from boyfriend, crooner, John Mayer? Come on ladies . . . it’s her HAIR!!!

lenght hairstyles

This time we’ll present some great hairstyle ideas for medium long hair. As you will see majority of hairstyles come in blonde color and we have to admitt that we really love it!! Blonde always looks so Chic & Sexy! Enjoy this great medium lenght hairstyles and hopefully get an idea for your latest brand new hairstyle