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Indian Human Hair

We enforce and adhere to stringent quality procedures that enable us to provide you with the finest quality hair in the market today. We believe in the beauty of nature, which is why we give our customers the choice of natural colours which include, Natural Black, Dark Brown, Light Brown, Medium Grey and White. We preserve the natural colour and texture of the hair throughout the sterilization process.

Employing a team of highly experienced hair stylists we come up with fascinating hair do’s in pleasant color combinations that compliment a woman’s innate beauty. We offer an exhaustive array of hairpieces to suit different women and hence look and feel completely natural. Further our skilled professionals undergo deep research to understand the dynamics of the fashion industry in a better way, and enhance their skills. Our products thus display a confluence of vogue, utility, and replicate one's natural hair growth.

Indian Celebrity Hairstyle

It can be undoubtedly said that hairdo is always a significant factor to deliver celebrities' personality before their audience. Celebrities' haircuts draw the attention of many people. Though each of the celebrities keeps their particular hairstyle and diverse way of caring their hairstyle, all of them have a great number of fans around the globe. When celebrity people change their hairstyles or hair colors, its reflections are seen among their ardent enthusiasts. Indian celebrities are very famous for their chic outlook, stylish appearance, haircuts and so on.While some of the celebrities change their haircuts in accordance with global vague, some are strict to traditional cuts. Some of them prefer long hairstyle, some choose shorts and some go with knotted or other. It is common scenery that celebrity hairstyles are selling as hot cakes. There are some special demands for the casual or formal hairstyles maintained by the top celebrities like Jennifer Aniston's, Jessica Simpson's and so on.

Bollywood actor and actresses are seen in different hairstyles and haircuts in different movies, fashion shows. Salman Khan appeared with close-cut, crop hairstyle during a fashion week in India. He was being looked great at stage with his aforesaid style. In spite of being some versatility in men's hairstyles, Salman's crop haircut is seen among his numerous male fans all over the world.

Bollywood actresses Neelam Kothari and Mallaika Arora Khan displayed their long hair. They possess strong and thick hair. Their loose curls along with natural marcels really showed exceptionally beautiful. Neelam took warm and chocolate brown color in her hair over her natural hair hue. Long hairstyle is also preferred by world celebrity Nicole Kidman. Her beautiful long hairstyle is really sleek, sexy and eye-striking.The new generation always gets inspiration from the Bollywood celebrities. There have trends among the young generation (both male and female) to copy the hottest styles whatever they watch on-screen.

While John Abraham's style is long hair, Aamir Khan opted for spiked hair style. Akshaye Khanna has raised popularity by his crew cuts. One of the top Bollywood actresses Kajol likes to go with short blunt hairstyle. The crimped hair style is preferred by another famous performer Preity Zinta. The world celebrity Jenna Elfman and Kristina Rihanoff hold short hairstyles like Kajol.Rani Mukerjee was seen with different haircuts like long hair, soft curls, poker straight and even with classic long in the movie, Ta Ra Rum Pum. Her style is much known as modern as well as formal hairstyle. Rani is also familiar for maintaining a French twist. This one has got popularity among professional women as it is very easy formal haircut.It is seen that the long haircuts dominate among Indian models and actresses. But some top models choose shorts for their haircuts. Shortcut made Indian model Madhu Sapre very popular who was once given the Miss India crown. Simultaneously, model Nina Manuel's choice is also short hairstyle.

Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra changes hairdos in different times and seasons. The hairstyles and colors that bring gorgeous look to Priyanka include brown and straight hair, black and curly hair, curly and tied up hair, layered and brown hair, layered, sidefringe and brown hair etc.Aishwarya Rai undeniably is the most popular actress in India. This celebrity actually maintains different hairstyles providing so many options for her fans to select the suitable one. Aishwarya's hair density is medium while her hair texture is medium thick. She usually goes with wavy long hairstyle that is looked amazing and sexy. To watch glamorous hairstyles, you can visit some websites where you will find photo gallery that displays some hottest haircuts of Aishwarya Rai. Hollywood celebrity Jennifer Lopez's hairstyle is also long.It is said about Aamir that he does not go after any style but what style he brings, becomes a fashion in itself. In recent times, Aamir Khan, one of the top actors in Bollywood, becomes a much talked name for his hairstyle shown in the movie, Ghajini. Aamir got new experience with her haircut being removed all hairs (becoming bald) from his head. His hairstyle has appeared as a fashion statement among the young people. The wonder boy of Bollywood Shahid Kapoor gives indeed a surprise about his hairstyle. A report says Kapoor is going to appear with a new haircut in the Vishal Bhardwaj's upcoming movie. But it will be undisclosed till the movie released.

It is natural that when you plan to make your own hairstyle, you try to follow the celebrities. The styles used by actors or actresses or models certainly give you high confidence to maintain that particular hairstyle. Besides, celebrities' new and trendy haircuts would be a source of inspiration for you. So just select your best celebrity person and see what particular hairdo he or she maintains. You can watch some nice pictures of celebrity haircuts by means of websites as well.

Indian hairstyles long hair

Although long hair is versatile and it may seem like long hair comes with much work when it comes to finding hairstyles for long hair.

There are many hairstyles that can be chosen from for long hair and inspiration can be found using the internet or magazines to find the right hairstyle for you. Further, a consultation with a hairstylist can help to put your own twist on the popular hairstyle, making it truly unique.

There are two main types of haircuts and hairstyles that are commonly created with long hair, those which use layers to create the hairstyle – meaning that each layer above the hair is cut shorter than the hair below. The other style of haircut that is used within long hairstyles is non-layered hairstyles in which the hair is all one length.

Layered haircuts are often preferred for long hair, as it can bring movement, volume and versatility to the hairstyle.

Next, determine if the hairstyle will make use of bangs that can help to add further dimension to the hair. There are many types of bangs that can be chosen from – including long and flowing bangs, to bangs which are swept to the side, even short bangs that can complement the long hairstyle that has been created.

Simple HairstylesSimple HairstylesSimple Hairstyles

Indian wedding hairstyle

Most brides like to do a standard wedding updo hairstyle. But there are many variations you can do to the standard wedding updo hairstyle - you can add elaborate curls, a traditional Audrey Hepburn styled high bun, accessorize with a flower crown, crystals, or fresh flowers. And when you have long, thick hair, you can also leave it down.

I have compiled a few wedding hairstyle looks that I found, which are appealing in different ways. Hopefully, you will be inspired by these ideas so you can incorporate them into your own wedding!

Indian Stylish Haircuts

Stylish haircuts with bangs are the perfect choice if you want a quick hairstylemakeover, but still want to keep your hair's length and add a bit of attitude to your hairstyle. Ever wondered what makes a hairstyle a great hairstyle? Everything starts with a stylish haircut – you know you've got a good haircut, if it falls into place when you're styling it at home without being a pain. Learn how to ask for a stylish haircut from your hairstylist to get the best hairstyle for you and most important, to get the haircut you want!

Papa might preach that the glam and drama of the '80s should be swept under the carpet. However this decade makes no exception when it comes of reinventing the past's hairstyles.

Skimming through the album covers and music videos, some might be unable to stop laughing. Indeed it seemed as girls and guys competed to reach a larger than life height with their hairstyles.

Modern hair styling adopted lots and lots of tendencies from the neon years. Angles, asymmetrical cuts and voluminous styles are super-popular right now, and the fashion-junkies return to the basics and will at least once try out one of the '80s inspired hairstyles and haircuts.

80s inspired hairstyle
80s inspired hairstyle

Big Hairstyles

Extravagance is the buzzword when referred to BIG, and I mean really big hairstyles. Far from being ultra-sophisticated '80s inspired hairstyles boast volume and texture. Sleek hair was the greatest sin, a real no-no.

In the '80s there were no limits in dimension and use of products, in fact hair was practically 'glued' into place by the huge amount of styling products. . Teasing combs, mousses and hairspray were must have tools of the '80s hair styling kit.

80s inspired hairstyle
80s inspire hairstyles

Asymmetrical Cuts

It would be way too simple to only tease hair, the trick of a dashing '80s inspired hairstyle lies in both cut and color. Revolutionary neon colors were no1. favorites of the era.

Madonna and Cindy Lauper were only some of the fashion icons of the decade. No doubt their hairstyles became part of the most searched-for hairdos of the '80s.

80s inspired hairstyles
80s inspired hairstyle

Rebellious haircuts flooded the streets, asymmetry was the fuzzword. Extremes were preferred by the mass, making super-long or short bangs a real hip accessory.

The Mullet

Mullet was the signature hairstyles of the '80s.
Still pulled off by loyal fans, short in front and top, long in the back, jazzed up with different hair accessories and variations. The frizziest the better ideal lived its heyday.

Stylish Ponytail Hairstyles

Ponytail hairstyles besides being fabulous and voguish seem to define what practical really means. However with the dawn of the new tricks and tips, we'll be able to turn a simple updo as this one into a real crowning piece.

Schools often require a decent style that's why it might sound pretty challenging to add a special twist to our look during the weekdays. With these useful tips our concern might be solved, take a peek at these cute ponytail hairstyles for school.

Super-Sleek Ponytails

If you prepare for a glamorous day, you might consider sporting a super-sleek and fine ponytail. Indeed the healthy and naturally glowing hair look breath-taking with this hairdo. The best way to have it ultra-sleek is to straighten your strands beforehand. This way you'll add shine and texture to your hair.

Sleek ponytail Sleek ponytail sleek ponytail

As one of the easiest ponytail variation, it can be sported all throughout the day even when doing some funny physical activities. Cheer leaders voted it the no.1. voguish hairstyle. The final streak to get the smooth hairdo is to spray some anti-frizz on your hair. This will prevent your follicles from being damaged by the harmful factors.

Retro Ponytails

In order to have a more casual and relaxed look, you can pull off an oh-so-fab loose ponytail hairstyle. The free flowing locks will radiate femininity as well as young-spiritedness. Don't scare away of these retro hairdos.

Retro Ponytail Retro Ponytail Retro Ponytail

The key to steal the show is to wear it with attitude. Paired with a nice headbandor a hairpin and you'll be the queen of the day. It's more than easy to create it. Grab your strands and tie them with a stylish ponytail holder loosely. Leave some locks free to be more chic.

Groovy Ponytails

If you think you could devote some extra minutes of your precious time, you might opt for these hairstyles. Those who don't want to blend into the mass might look for a special more refined hairdo. Groovy ponytails presented below are perfect for them.

Groovy ponytail Groovy ponytail Groovy ponytail

There's no need for huge talent to create them. It is enough if your pretty handy and like the twists and flairs. Add a romantic and hip accessory to your plain strands with braids. Tie your hair into a ponytail, then braid the flowing locks into nice patterns. Experiment with the wide range of designs to find the one that mirrors your mood.